Innovative Portable Pellet Production

SERVODAY Containerized PELLETBOX Wood Biomass Pellet Plant

Meet the SERVODAY PELLETBOX, a revolutionary solution in portable pellet production, designed for optimal mobility and efficiency. Its containerized structure allows easy transport to different locations, adapting to changing biomass sources and market needs. Quick to set up, the PELLETBOX responds swiftly to immediate demands and short-term opportunities. Its modular design reduces costs, avoiding unnecessary construction expenses. By supporting local production, it minimizes transportation costs and environmental impact. Energy use is optimized through cutting-edge technology in its compact design. Versatile across various biomass types, it seamlessly switches between feedstocks without major adjustments. With a resilient infrastructure, it ensures operational efficiency in any weather. Discover the future of pellet production with the SERVODAY PELLETBOX.

Innovative Biomass Pellet Solutions

SERVODAY Conventional Wood Biomass Pellet Plant

Experience unmatched efficiency and dependability with SERVODAY's Conventional Pellet Production Plant. Our comprehensive turnkey solutions cover every stage, from design to full operation, catering to diverse production requirements with capacities from 1 to 12 tons per hour. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and expert craftsmanship, our plants ensure peak performance and profitability. They accommodate a variety of biomass materials, including wood and feed, with exceptional precision. Automated systems and advanced controls maintain consistent quality while reducing costs. From layout and design to installation and commissioning, our services facilitate a smooth transition to high-capacity production. Choose SERVODAY to enhance your biomass processing and secure long-term success.