Optimized Bulk Loading Solutions

SERVODAY's Ship & Barge Conveyor Systems

SERVODAY offers state-of-the-art Ship & Barge Conveyor Systems, designed to optimize the transfer of bulk materials with exceptional efficiency. Catering to various industries, these systems handle materials like sulfur, bauxite, coal, and fertilizers, with capacities ranging from 100 to 1000 TPH. At Jamnagar Port, our advanced system ensures seamless sulfur loading onto barges, boasting an impressive combined capacity of 800 TPH. Equipped with telescopic chutes and precise flow control, our conveyors minimize dust and allow for exact loading rates, managed by VFD Controllers with automatic and manual settings. From initial design to final commissioning, SERVODAY delivers turnkey solutions that ensure superior performance and operational success. Transform your bulk loading operations with SERVODAY's innovative Ship & Barge Conveyor Systems.