Harnessing the Power of Spent Coffee Grounds

SERVODAY's Innovative SCG Pellet Plant

SERVODAY GROUP is leading the way in sustainable energy by transforming spent coffee grounds (SCG) into high-value fuel pellets. Recognizing coffee's potential as both a beloved beverage and a powerful energy source, SERVODAY's SCG Pellet Plant offers an eco-friendly alternative with a higher heat value than traditional wood pellets. Our fully automated plant processes SCG efficiently, with capacities from 1 to 12 TPH. Equipped with advanced SERVODAY technology, including Bag Breakers, Grinders, and Pellet Mills, the plant ensures optimal densification and uniformity in pellet production. By leveraging the detailed composition and calorific value of SCG, SERVODAY empowers industries to utilize this untapped resource for clean energy. Embrace the innovation of SCG pellets with SERVODAY's cutting-edge Pellet Plant and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Join SERVODAY in revolutionizing renewable energy today!