A Legacy of Vision and Dedication
Shri Ishwarbhai R. Masuria's Journey: From Founding Father to Global Leader

Pioneering Leadership

The Inspiring Journey of Shri Ishwarbhai R. Masuria

Shri Ishwarbhai R. Masuria, the visionary behind Servoday Group, embarked on his extraordinary journey in 1959 as an apprentice with the Indian Railway. His dedication led him to assume the role of a Second Fireman in Steam Engine Operations. In 1962, he expanded his horizons by joining the DESMET Belgium team, specializing in the erection and commissioning of Solvent Extraction Plants in India.

Visionary Entrepreneurship

Building Foundations, Creating Legacies

Driven by unwavering hard work and boundless dedication, Shri Ishwarbhai R. Masuria's journey became a testament to his passionate commitment to excellence. In 1971, he took a significant step forward by establishing his own steel fabrication facility in Jamnagar. This facility played a pivotal role in manufacturing essential equipment for various industries, laying the foundation for what would evolve into the Servoday Group.

Global Expansion

From Local Excellence to International Impact

The year 1991 marked a pivotal moment as Servoday Group ventured into the global market under Shri Ishwarbhai R. Masuria's leadership. Expanding its reach beyond India, the company began exporting a diverse range of products, showcasing its commitment to excellence. Today, with 52 years of operation, Servoday Group stands as a beacon of success, boasting a rich history of achievements and successful projects executed worldwide.

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